Brainstorm: how many people?

3 november 2008

How do you prefer to brainstorm? I noticed that to mant people makes a mess. Way to many opionions. It makes it very difficult to make a decision.

With my designers  I like to have one broad brainstorm session to create lots of ideas. Let it soak for a week and then have a session with no more then 3 people. This is very effective for making decisions.

Google launches own browser Crome

2 september 2008

Google will launch it’s own browser Crome. What will it be? Complete HTML en CSS compliant or another browser you have to hack around?

Registrant Alert - Alerts when your competitor registers

22 april 2008

Registrant Alert helps you to monitor your competitors. Evry time a competitor registers a domain you get an alert. Check out About Registrant Alert to learn more.

Content Generation made easy

17 april 2008

Content is King. But like most of use we don’t have the time to write a lot of good content. And to be honest most of it already exists. But why bother when you can create content automatically:

- For Wordpress there are several rss feeds aggregators
- YACG; an open source content generator
- Fake science paper generator
- Our a high end program like the one form Thompson Financial

Biggest problem with this programs is that you get duplicate content and that is spammy according to Google. But then I came across the following:

true are false?

If you known more about this please let me know.

Link Building made easier, even for non US sites and Blogs

15 april 2008

I’m from the Netherlands and linkbuilding isn’t that easy as in the US or United Kingdom.

Ever heard over ‘Comment Kahuna‘? Well it is a free tool that helps you to find blogs for keywords you like to score for. Of course you can find blogs via Google Blog Search. But wouldn’t you like to find blogs for a particular keyword(s) AND with no nofollow on it’s links?

It is a bit of a Grey Heat tool, because you can make profiles with preset comments. Do not do tha, make good comments and people will start noticing you.

CSS Compatibility and Internet Explorer

31 maart 2008

Microsoft tried to make sense in how Internet Explorer and works with CSS 2.1 and CSS 3. They made a chart showing IE 5 to IE8. It is funny to read that they think that internet explore was the first css Level1 - compliant version of IE.

A small step for man a giant step for …

Flickr down??

19 maart 2008

Is Flickr down? I never encountered problems before. Strange!! Hacked??

Freeconomics and Freemiums

18 maart 2008

A good article on Read Write Web about Freeconimics and the tactics of Google: Beware of Freeconomics.

Google is getting more and monopolistic and what can others do about it? I don’t know, but the article made me think and I hope others too.

Update: Wired also wrote a good article about Freeconomics: Free! Why $0.00 Is the Future of Business

Outlook Report on 2008 Digital

5 maart 2008

Avenue A Razorfisch released an extensive report on 2008: 2008 Digital Outlook Report.

It gives some interesting views on the market today and what is to come.

Avoiding duplicate content: Wordpress and robots.txt

4 maart 2008

Shoemoney wrote a very useful hands-on article how to avoide duplicate content in Wordpress.

Wordpress robots.txt tips against duplicate content